Family Portraits/Commissions


Stephen Bennett is available for private portrait commissions of children, adults and family groups. A client is able to work closely with Stephen choosing the style, size and coloring desired.

Commissions are very important, both to Stephen's development as a world renowned portrait painter and to help support his travels whereby he seeks out indigenous people to paint throughout the world.

Stephen shares:

"It is rewarding to create portraits for others as they become a record of a person's face and personality. That portrait lives on, being preserved as a painting to be enjoyed by many generations to come. To work on a commissioned portrait is a creative collaboration whereby my client's ideas and input help me to paint a portrait that is unique in all the world."


You will not have to sit for hours! Stephen uses photographs as references to paint from. If possible, he prefers to take these photographs himself. Alternatively, he can send you a sample and lighting chart so you can have the photos taken by a professional photographer. In Southern California there are photographers familiar with Stephen's lighting style. Please contact


Although Stephen Bennett's paintings appear to be photographic, they are really renderings from printed images. Photos are only used as guides and inspiration for the painting. Stephen uses acrylic-ased paint on canvas. He interprets the personality of the subject using color expressively from paints he's hand mixed from pure pigments. At left, please use buttons to view the examples of Children, Adult and Group Galleries to review and select your preferences for style and color.


Once a contract is filled out detailing the size and requirements for a portrait, a deposit of 75% of the portrait price is paid. A date is agreed for the completion of the portrait. This is usually around 4 - 6 weeks depending on the size, style, coloring, complexity and the artist's schedule. Once the portrait is completed, you will be contacted that the balance is then due. The portrait is mailed in a reinforced tube and insured to assure delivery in pristine condition. Handling and shipping costs are included in the price of the commission.

Eyes are alive and aglow. Hair is so detailed each strand can be counted. Stephen Bennett paints the personality and humanity within all his subjects through caring about detail and unique combinations of color.
Group portraits are available for families. You and your children can be cherished for generations to come as individual portraits, or with a group painting as above.


Stephen Bennett creates portrait paintings in the following sizes: Small, 24 x 30 inches, Medium, 36 x 40 inchesand Large, 50 x 60 inches.


Pricing is based on size, style and degree of detail requested. Please contact one of Stephen's agents for an estimate - Click Here. Watercolors are also available and are less expensive. Watercolors are not as detailed, nor will they last as long as acrylic paintings.



Stephen's Mission and Passion is to locate the purest lineage of indigenous people worldwide and capture that essence of humanity that we all share. He gives back to each area he studies by giving portrait classes to that community's children. These classes are meant to create a sense of pride of that country's culture and instill better self-esteme in areas that are often times very impoverished.


"There's nothing more meaningful to me then teaching portrait painting techniques to these children. Week by week, I witness their self esteem and cultural awareness unfold. To see such pride and joy radiate from their faces - when they hold up their portraits is priceless!".

-Stephen Bennett

For more information on his not-for-profit organization "Faces of the World", please click: